When it came to branding Sea Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, the husband and wife owners and founders, wanted a nautical pediatric dentistry logo. Being based out of Foley, Alabama, which is situated on the coast of Alabama, we wanted to embrace that beachy feel, so we used an anchor as the foundation for their logo. By cleverly using braces on the bottom of the anchor, it gives the visual of a smiling mouth! A rope in the shape of an “S”, and a toothbrush a top the anchor, were added to finish off this nautical pediatric dentistry logo!  For a color palette, shades of blue were the obvious choice to coincide with this coastal brand, so we paired a light blue with a turquoise and navy. The patterns for this branding board were so fun to design and we had to revert back to our childhood visits! We used criss-crossed toothbrushes for one, a more versatile cabana style stripe, and then a pattern of the logo’s S’s in a light turquoise against a darker shade. The main branding element Sea Smiles needed were referral pads for clients when they arrived. We love how immediately once stepping into their office, a patient is introduced to their brand and logo! We also designed balloons for staff to give to the patients, business cards, stationery, and letterhead! This was such a fun project!
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