For the Wall Street Tavern in Roanoke, Virginia, our client wanted their restaurant branding to have a bit of a Ralph Lauren feel with a more casual vibe. When establishing a logo and collateral for restaurant branding, as for any company, you always need to focus on who you want to sell to. The target market for the Wall Street Tavern is businessmen and families, so we wanted to design a classic and timeless logo to appeal to all ages and both genders. The colorway we chose was hunter green, black and white, which set an inviting and cozy tone for this tavern branding and was gender neutral. The custom pattern we designed for the Wall Street Tavern branding was using a print of the pine cone finial paired with a lattice print constructed from the letter “W”.  We also incorporated hunter green and white stripes for a simple element that could easily be used throughout! We designed business cards, cocktail napkins, packaging labels, and menus for this chic and local establishment and loved working with the folks at the Wall Street Tavern! Such fun to be involved in a restaurant branding, and we have always wanted to design a menu! Mission accomplished!