For Christmas gifts and cards! Just a reminder that the Christmas card sale ends in 3 DAYS so make the most of the weekend and get us those pics!!!! Check out these fab custom cards!

Being from South Carolina, I am kind of partial. 🙂

And the reverse….

And then our friend Whitney who lives in New York City, asked for something custom to send to her friends back in the south! Single and fashionable, we thought…WHITNEY IN THE CITY! Precious!!!

And a custom Newlywed card..

We have been working like little elves these past few weeks, so please accept our apologies for the lack of blog posts! The good news is we have done some FABULOUS gifts and other holiday treats to share with you all!!!

First off we have “Reindeer Food”! Thank you to our customer Kelly who gave us this grand idea! It is just SO adorable and I cannot wait to give these to my nieces! Many of you may be familiar with this, but we had never heard of it! The rhyme reads, “Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright. Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home!”

Ummm…ADORABLE. They are $10 each and such a cute happy for the little ones! And if you have a family holiday party coming up, what a great idea for each family!

Next we have the reversible lucite tray, with a splash of Christmas! One side is for everyday with a super swanky monogram and pattern, perhaps, and the revers is holiday themed! It doesn’t get more versatile than that! And these make such great gifts! $50 each but totally worth it when it can be used year round!

And Christmas catch alls too! Christmas makes us SO happy!!!

Had to also share how changing colors on Christmas cards and tweaking wording can TRULY make your pre-set card, seem completely 100% CUSTOM. Is this not adorable?! The colors changed to match the balls, and then adding “We hope you have a ball this Christmas!” is just too cute for words. So if you are wanting swank but don’t want to spend the money for custom, your goal can still be achieved! YIPEE!

And we have also had the cutest Nico and Lala cookies made EVER. We pick them up every few days to put in shipments, and it is painfully hard not to every single one we get. You would think you would get sick of them, but nope…we don’t. 🙂

Trunk show at Social Graces today at 5:30!!! Please come out and see us if you are in Nashville! There will be some great vendors and we can mix and mingle! We love meeting our customers, so please come on out!



Nico and Lala

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